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Network Technology

  • As demands for network resources increase, traditional network architecture is becoming less capable of meeting security, reliability and performance needs. ICONNEX, a full-service network integrator, specializes in developing and improving systems that meet new standards, while helping organizations run more efficiently.
  • ICONNEX has extensive experience implementing networking projects at all levels, from local area networks in a small office to wide area networks utilizing both hard-wire and wireless technology including satellite.
  • ICONNEX works with clients to design and plan the most appropriate network and communications infrastructure suited to business need.
  • ICONNEX professionals are skilled in LAN/WAN networking, systems integration and business application integration, and can provide solutions for all major operating systems and hardware platforms.
  • ICONNEX engineering solutions and services help clients successfully manage their networks, customers and suppliers.

Network Services Include:

  • Network Infrastructure
  • Routing and Switching
  • Wired and Wireless Networks (including Satellite Network)

Network Infrastructure

  • ICONNEX architects networks that meet client demands for redundancy, scalability and security. Planning begins with a thorough assessment of your existing network to identify weaknesses and performance problems. 
  • Based upon the analysis, ICONNEX experts develop a plan that integrates new technology to resolve known problems.
  • ICONNEX can also provide the solid LAN and WAN foundation required to support emerging technology needs such as storage, MPLS, VPN, mobility, proxy system (caching), bandwidth management and IP telephony.

Routing and Switching

  • ICONNEX network services include best practice designs and implementation, interoperability between network components, and deployment of computing resources, such as servers, firewalls, routers, switches and wireless technology. 
  • Its field experience in switching and routing technology allows ICONNEX to accelerate overall delivery and deployment of enabling architecture (For example, we helped one client replace an entire network, consisting of many switches and routers with more than 10,000 users, in less than 24 hours, eliminating downtime for the customer’s 24/7 operation).

Wired and Wireless Networks

  • Business is no longer stationary, and therefore enabling wireless access to business resources on- and off-site is essential. ICONNEX combines wired and wireless networks planning and design with integrated Web capabilities creating seamless mobile and remote services for clients.
  • Wireless design includes electronic wireless survey, capacity planning and typically includes scalable centralized wireless control. The use of intelligent hardware and software components enables integration with existing business systems
  • ICONNEX can design the infrastructure necessary for seamless deployment of online service solutions with any existing network as well as the new roll out networks such as ADSL, WLAN, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max and Satellite.